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There has been a lot going on here at Baltimore Birth Services over the last year. In the fall of 2016 I began to work as a birth assistant for a local home birth midwife. As of January 2017 I have enrolled in a midwifery program at the National College of Midwifery and began apprenticing under […]

Ayurveda for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Todays guest post comes from Alexandra J Steele. Alex is a licensed Acupuncturist and certified Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, practicing in Catonsville, MD. She is passionate about supporting women through the transitions of pregnancy to postpartum to motherhood. Alex is offering a workshop on Ayurvedic Self Care Practices for Pregnancy and Postpartum on June 25th from […]

Three Reasons to Get Romantic During Labor

  In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are three reasons to bring the romance into the labor room!  Get Romantic and bring back the spiritual birth experience.     #1: Setting the Mood. Most women in the throes of labor crave darkness and quiet. Think candles, soft music, and minimal distractions. This kind of comforting environment […]

Four birth stories that all women should hear

Four Birth Stories that All Women Should Hear

When it comes to childbirth and parenting, everyone has an opinion. As your family and friends become aware of your pregnancy they may begin to share with you their own birth experiences. Everyone around you becomes a storyteller, and the stories range from beautiful to frightening and everything in between. Suddenly strangers approach you to […]

Attachment Parenting

When I think about all of the experiences in my life, raising children has hands down been the most eye opening, challenging, and rewarding journey that I have embarked upon. In many ways, this is the very reason that I knew that I was meant to be a birth worker. As a doula, I have […]

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This Holiday, Give the Gift of Support

Whatever your holiday traditions may be, most of us celebrate the season by giving. As the days get shorter, we give light to the darkness by lighting candles and hanging lights. We give warmth to our families while we light our fireplaces, roast chestnuts, and sip hot chocolate on the blustery days. We give life to […]

The Tenth Month of Pregnancy

This November has been a warm one. In between the glorious rays of sunshine and the 70 degree days, you can find that familiar chill of November. The stillness of the bare trees as the leaves fall, the browning of the earth as the days become shorter and colder. It serves as a reminder that […]

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Placenta Encapsulation: Giving New Mothers a Balanced Postpartum

Today’s post is written by a special guest, Carmen Calvo of The Nurturing Root. Carmen is a local placenta encapsulation specialist, dedicated to improving the postpartum health and happiness of mothers in the Baltimore area. The benefits of placenta encapsulation have been touted far and wide from moms all across the globe. Even celebrities like […]

Breastfeeding Toddlers and Coping with Stigma

This weekend I had an awesome experience kicking off National Breastfeeding Awareness Month at the Greenberries BAM event. I had the honor of presenting a talk alongside of some amazing birth workers, such as Katy Linda of The Breastfeeding Den, Carmen Calvo of The Nurturing Root, and licensed massage therapist Jessie Bernstein. Jill Mills of […]

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How to Avoid a Medical Induction

It’s one of the biggest concerns of an expecting mother… when will my baby arrive? As a due date approaches, the expectation to enter labor becomes more and more imminent. When your EDD passes, you may find that your family, friends, and coworkers are asking whether are had the baby almost daily. This is a particular concern for […]