How to Avoid a Medical Induction

It’s one of the biggest concerns of an expecting mother… when will my baby arrive? As a due date approaches, the expectation to enter labor becomes more and more imminent. When your EDD passes, you may find that your family, friends, and coworkers are asking whether are had the baby almost daily. This is a particular concern for […]

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Take a Babymoon 6

After having a baby there are so many things to rush off to do. Many mothers, fathers, and/or partners head back to work soon after the birth. Some return the very next day, some wait until after a few weeks. The financial stress of a new child can add pressure to bring home the bacon. […]

Take a Babymoon ⋆ Baltimore Birth Services

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How the Duchess of Cambridge Gave Birth Naturally

Rumor has it that the Duchess of Cambridge wanted a homebirth, but the Queen would not have any part of it. This morning Kate gave birth naturally to a healthy baby girl! What do you do to have a natural birth in the hospital? Here are 5 things Kate did to help her reach her goal. […]

5 Reasons to Get a Doula for Your Cesarean Birth

1. A doula can help you come up with a birth plan for your cesarean birth. Having a c-section does not mean you surrender all choice in how you will birth. Your hospital-based birth team will be focused on making sure you have a successful surgery, meanwhile there may be other things you desire for […]

Doula Who is a Registered Nurse: FAQ

Can you be my nurse and my doula? No. As your doula, I will not act as your nurse. I will provide doula care, not medical care. There are some things about the two career paths that do merge, such as providing emotional support, education, and comfort measures. As a paid and contracted doula it […]

FAQ for a doula who is a registered nurse

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Rebozo Connection: The Gena Kirby Method

This spring I will be hosting a workshop on rebozo use for pregnancy and childbirth, lead by Certified Rebozo Connection: The Gena Kirby Method Instructor, Bridgette Becker. Bridgette has been a Massage Therapist since 2006, and a Mother and Doula since 2011. She is also a Placenta Alchemist (2012), Hypnobirthing Certified Infant Massage Instructor (2013), Reiki Master […]

Breastfeeding and Alcohol: a look at the evidence

Alcohol consumption while breastfeeding does not expose nursing children to clinically relevant amounts of alcohol. In the spirit of the holidays, I’d love to touch a little bit on the science behind breastfeeding and alcohol. This is a subject that has put my own parenting habits in a place of scrutiny since the birth of […]

Breastfeeding and Alcohol, Baltimore Birth Services

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Should I get a doula? First, get the facts!

Unsure what a doula does? Still in the early stages of your decision? Here are the basics: A doula provides emotional support A doula uses comfort measures: breathing, relaxation, movement, positioning A doula provides education with information grounded in research. A doula continuously reassures and comforts the mother A doula never leaves the mother’s side A doula helps […]