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What Are Mothers Saying About my Care?

“Paige helped me greatly in battling my way through my unmediated labor and delivery and for that I am truly grateful. Now I know that I can do pretty much anything with the right support. … Her support, coaching and care made my birth experience possible. … Having Paige as my doula was worth every penny and more.” -Kristen, Frederick

“Paige helped me achieve a peaceful and perfectly hands-off home birth, alongside experience with my Certified Nurse Midwives. The birth was healing and empowering for me, and for my husband. … I fully intend on using Paige’s doula services with any future pregnancies; everything went so perfectly, I would not change a thing!” -Allison, Baltimore City

“My husband was unsure about the idea of hiring someone else to be at the birth but he went along with my choice. After the experience he said it was hands down the smartest decision we made and he was so thankful that I pushed to have a doula.” -Kati, Baltimore County

“Paige was an absolute Godsend to our family. What started as a planned home birth turned into a high risk induction at a hospital. … Paige always sat and talked me through my fears and apprehensions. She made a very scary time in my life a much more enjoyable experience.” -Melissa, Reisterstown

“Paige was wonderful! … My husband and I were not originally going to use a doula, but we are so happy we decided to use Paige’s services. There is no way I could have lasted as long as I did without her support. I highly recommend her services to anyone!” -Valerie, Baltimore City

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