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Professional Birth Doula Services

doula services


  • One free consultation to meet, answer questions, and review contract.
  • Two prenatal in-home visits
  • One postpartum visit within 7 days after the birth of your baby.
  • Unlimited phone consultations: available 24/7 via phone, email, and text throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.
  • On-call status from week 38-42 of your pregnancy, 24/7 availability within 2 hours of your home or chosen birthplace.
  • Continuous support, from active labor, beginning at home if desired.
  • Assistance in writing and reviewing a birth plan.
  • Access to my lending library of pregnancy, birth, and parenting books, DVDs, and meditations
  • Explanations of medical procedures; assistance in avoiding preventable medical interventions.
  • Access to my knowledge of local, regional, and international support available to pregnant and new mothers, in addition to my lending library of informative books and dvds.
  • Physical comfort measures, emotional support, utilizing labor coping skills, massage, aromatherapy, rebozo, and other non-pharmacological pain relief techniques.
  • Positioning suggestions during labor and birth for comfort and progress.
  • Acting as an advocate for the mother and birth partner’s wishes.
  • Guide and support for the woman’s partner so that he/she may help at his/her own comfort level and take breaks as needed.
  • Staying up to one hour after your birth to support and encourage immediate postpartum bonding.




As your doula, I will not…

  • Speak for you. This is your birth. Your primary caregivers want to hear from you, not me.
  • Make decisions on your behalf. I will help you make informed decisions and remind you of your birth plan.
  • Take the place of your birth partner’s role of primary support, unless your partner is absent or requests otherwise.
  • Make any medical judgments or recommendations. Only when asked, I will offer my opinion of your available choices.
  • Provide any clinical skills such as vaginal examinations, checking fetal heart tones, vital signs, etc. I am not your nurse.



additional doula servicesFEES FOR SERVICES

  • The total cost for birth doula services is $1200.
  • Private, personalized childbirth education sessions (3 hours)- $150
  • Birth Photography for doula clients $400
  • Additional postpartum visits (2 hours)- $75
  • Babywearing consultation- $75
  • Homemade moisturizing scrub- $7-$15
  • Relaxing massage oil (8 oz.)- $10
  • Handmade natural belly balm- $12
  • Natural postpartum bottom spray- $7
  • Aromatherapy mists and rollers- $7
  • Postpartum herbal bath- $10
  • Mother’s blessing ceremony- $150
  • Belly casting- $70
  • Baby bump henna- $65


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