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Choosing a Doula: 3 important considerations

When choosing a doula, the most important consideration should be how much you like them.

The birth of your child will be one of the most memorable and cherished days in your life. It’s essential to follow your intuition when selecting a doula. Is there a connection? Do you share similar philosophies? Do you vibe with their energy? It’s their energy you’ll be feeding off, and it will be present in your sacred birth space. You be spending a fair amount of time with your doula, all at once, and you’ll probably be naked. You simply need to feel comfortable and safe in the presence of your doula, beyond that not much else matters- not how old they are, whether they have children, or how many births they’ve been to.


Don’t disregard your partner’s feelings.

Be sure to have your partner accompany you to meet the doula and include your partner in the decision. Your doula will be working with you and your partner to facilitate a deeper involvement during the birth process. You may find that the doula works closer with the partner as your consciousness shifts during the intensity of labor. Your partner should trust the doula enough to reach out with concerns and allow the doula to guide him/her to best assist you throughout labor and birth.


How dedicated are they to being your doula?

Does the doula have other commitments? Is being a doula a hobby or a career for them? You want a doula who is just as invested in your birth as you are. Take careful consideration of doulas offering free services. You get what you pay for. This might be the first big expense you make towards raising your child. You wouldn’t take your child to an untrained pediatrician. This is no different. Hire a professional, you won’t regret it.

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